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Story: About

what we've observed

The way startups build their base of potential clients, partners, investors, evangelists and community members is broken. We waste time in events, give away chunks of equity to accelerators, burn resources on hiring, and ultimately struggle through seas of people trying to cut through the noise.

the problem

Startups need a way to get the right advice and meet the right people, but existing platforms are anything but efficient.


meetups & events

Often no explicit goals or focus on outcomes
Generally full of job seekers and service providers looking for clients
Usually self-promotional with little alignment to community
Lack system for vetting members or insuring good actors
No way to vet which events to attend


Attend if you can afford to, not if merit warrants it
Small fish big pond, meeting someone of value is by chance
Exist to make money for the organizer and further their agendas
Quality conferences are dispersed requiring travel to attend
Often takes a full day or more



Expensive! A lot of equity for few guarantees
Require you to be in one place for a long period of time
Tailored towards group - many activities lack relevance yet are required
Best for first time entrepreneurs - built for starting up, not scaling up
Benefits run dry when your cohort ends and a new one begins

Why are current platforms
inefficient for startups?

Most exhibit the same issue…


- they’re built for the benefit of the organizer

instead of being built for the entrepreneur.

Instead, startup platforms
should be…

Community Driven - Our communities are built by members of the community, for members of the community. Small hyper focused and localized groups are built with a sense of identity and purpose.


efficient & goal oriented

Events, communities, and relationships are structured with goals towards specific outcomes. Time requirements are low and events are held on a regular basis.

continuous & scalable

Scouts recruit like minded entrepreneurs, activities & relationships create positive outcomes, entrepreneurs become community builders, and the network effects continue to snowball.


That’s why we’re building Opportunity Engine

to help startups grow efficiently by structuring their activity into hyper-focused communities built around vetted entrepreneurs and ecosystem good actors.

our difference

By the community for the community
Mobilized peer networks around shared goals
Low barriers to entry – zero cost or time requirements
Standardized and localized for scalability
The benefits of events and accelerators without the negatives
Provide a path for community evangelists to find new opportunities

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