mentors and speakers

just a small sample of the speakers, mentors, investors, and experts you'll be learning from and working with

Gareth Jeffries

Partner, RTP Global

Hadley Harris

Founding General Partner, Eniac Ventures

Benjamin Atkinson

Innovation Lead, Toyota

Max Menke

Founding Partner, GrowthX

Menachem Katz

SVP of Growth Operations, REEF

Andy Saldana

Executive Director, NY Tech Alliance

Foti P.

Founder, GrowthMentor

Olivia Musmanno

Investor, Quake Capital Partners

Jesse Glass

Principal, BAM Labs / BAM Ventures

Gregory Jackson

Director, airCFO

Osnat Benari

VP Product & Programming, WeWork Labs

Keith Abramson

SVP of Sales, Northpass

Derek Hall

Partner, Expanding Capital & Founder, Torcedores

Mitchell Kleinhandler

Managing Partner, Differential Ventures

Brian Johnson

Director, Republic Labs

Claire Fauquier

Principal, Highland Capital Partners

Jamie Lane

Cofounder & VP Marketing, Littledata

Edison Almeida

Business Incubation Leader, Schneider Electric

Jeremiah Seraphine

Head of Product, PathMatch & Founder/Growth Consultant, Dao Innovations

Bruce Haymes

CPO, Northeastern & Board Member, Nielson Innovate & Sweetwood Capital

Chaney Ojinnaka

Partnerships, Center for Digital Health Innovation

Yang Cheung

Head of Product

Joseph Coyne

Managing Partner, Studio VC

Charles Kergaravat

Director of International Marketing, Klaxoon

Chris Gorges

Founder & CEO, Thompson & Prince

Katie Weiss

Strategic Partnerships, SingleSprout & Senior Advisor, Chloe Capital

Fady Yacoub

Cofounder & Managing Partner, HOF Capital

Matan Magril

Founder, FoodieTrip & EIR, Antler

Keith Cronin

Cofounder, Syntacz

Noam Kostucki

Founder, HiR

Zak Schwarzman

General Partner, MetaProp Ventures

Adriel Bercow

Partner, k50 Ventures

Leslie Cohen

EIR, NUMA & Advisor, Ziel, AcornOak, Heavenly

Nisa Amoils

Managing Partner, A100x & CIO, Mordan Capital

Andrew Ackerman

Managing Director, Dreamit Ventures - UrbanTech

Matthew Listro

Cofounder & Partner, Harbinger

Yair Areli

VP Corporate Sales, Sisense

Alex Trotta

Manager, Product Development & Innovation, Mastercard

Omri Admon

Program Manager, New Lab, Verizon 5g Studio

David Mendez

Managing Partner, Good Growth Ventures

Ihar Mahaniok

VP of Engineering, Grid AI & Angel Investor

Amanda Joseph

Investor, American Family Ventures

Mazy Dar

CEO, OpenFin & Angel Investor

Michael Taormina

Head of Innovation & Strategic Partnerships, Gainbridge

David Studinski

Senior Product Director, Sailthru

Nihal Mehta

Founding General Partner, Eniac Ventures

Adam Wexler

CEO, Performance Predictions

David Beatty

Founder & Managing Member, Gaingels & Digital Irish Angels

Carolyn Liikala

Innovation, Caruso & Venture Partner, H/L Ventures

Lexie Kier

Principal Strategist & CEO, AOK Group

Jake Yormak

Partner, Story Ventures

Casey Taylor

VP, Network & Development at Digital Currency Group

Lucas Timberlake

Partner, Fintech Ventures Fund

Alec Wright

Chief Innovation Officer, OneValley

Wilton Arellano

Director of Marketing, Resilia & Growth, bootseed

Lior Glass

Blockchain Tech Product Manager, Citi


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